Running Classes & Packages

Beginners Classes

This class is for people who have never exercised before in their lives, complete couch potatoes or for people who have not exercised in a long time. 

 This course teaches people about anatomy and physiology when it comes to running. It teaches people the importance of starting really slow and building up their running ability piece by piece.

 Every week different aspects of running are discussed in detail such as breathing, pacing, posture, and a lot more. 

This course helps people build a foundation where they can branch out and run on their own or they can progress on to the advanced running course. 
There is also an awful lot of info on injury prevention in this course as we all know that "prevention is better than cure". The beginner's course is 2 nights a week for 8 weeks! 

The beginner's classes will be every Monday at 7 pm and Wednesday at 7.50 pm in Castletroy Area,  Limerick.

Advanced Classes

The advanced running class is for people who have been running and want to increase their pace, strength and conditioning. 

There will be different types of runs incorporated in the class. It will be suitable for people who have finished the beginner's course but it will also be perfect for people who do consistent long-distance running. 

 The course provides vital info on how to improve their times and how to get them over a plateau. The most important thing that is included in both classes is injury prevention. This advises people on how to prevent injuries and how to recognise issues so that action can be taken to sort the issue out before it becomes a problem. 

 The advanced course is 1 night a week, every Wednesday at 7 pm in Castletroy Area, Limerick. The new advanced group will start on Wednesday the 2nd of September at 7 pm. Limited spaces are available - 14 people per each group.

HIIT Training for Runners

New outdoor HIIT training classes will be available to runners but also other people can attend as well. 

The exercises will be adjusted to cater for both beginners right through to advanced. The HIIT classes will be organised in the Maguires pitches at the University of Limerick, in Clarisford park in Killaloe and possibly Broadford and Clonlara (depending on demand). 

 All classes will be outdoors and no more than 12 people per class. The classes will go in 8 week periods. 

 The HIIT classes will be on a Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 11 am in Clarisford Park Killaloe and on Saturday mornings at 9 am in Castletroy Area, Limerick.


This is a HIIT training class as well but it will be a total body workout instead of exercises just consistent with running. 

 These classes will be organised in Clarisford park Killaloe and possibly Broadford and Clonlara (depending on demand). 

All classes will be outdoors and no more than 12 people per class. The classes will go in 8 week periods. 

The Bootcamp classes will be on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 11 am and on Saturday mornings at 10 am in Castletroy Area, Limerick.

Personal Training Sessions

The PT classes will be provided and available to the interested parties. I can meet the people in their homes but the training will be outside in their garden, where people would need their own mat, towel, etc. 

 Kids can accompany parents in the training sessions. The 2-metre distance will be adhered to! I do not go into the persons home and I always have hand sanitiser with me at every class I attend. 

 I will also provide programmes for people and email it onto them both for exercise and nutrition. Besides that, we can provide zoom call PT sessions for those who can not attend our class.

 During my time as an Instructor, I have also worked with clients who have had health issues such as cancer, epilepsy and diabetes.

Kids exercise classes

I am hoping to start kids exercise classes in Broadford. I need to confirm the use of outdoor astroturf. More info to follow!