Dawn Lynch

I was always interested in physical activity even as a child. I trained in martial arts for years and I also played Gaelic football and soccer. I enjoyed the physical activity so much that I eventually decided to pursue it as a career. 

I trained as a fitness instructor a year after my first child was born so I have been doing it for about 10 years. I really enjoy being a part of helping people reach their goals. I also worked in a gym environment but personally, it was not for me as I prefer to be able to talk to the clients and not have to rush them out of the way if they have questions, as sometimes the pace in the gym was fast and I wasn't able to talk to people or answer their questions in detail properly. 

In regards to the running I was never really a strong runner, I would prefer to do strength and conditioning than long-distance running until I had a conversation with my Grandad who is 87 years old and a former cross country runner and athlete. 

My Grandad mentioned to me that people are not running anymore the way they used to when he was young. He told me that himself and his running buddies would have a great time talking and laughing while training. It was a great social outlet as well as being great for your physical and mental health. I took on board what he said and I eventually started work with a running group. I now have 6 years running experience under my belt. 

 I have now decided due to my knowledge and experience that I have received to start up my own particular running group, I have devised a programme for both beginners and advanced runners. My Grandad is my idol and inspiration as he does not need a walking stick, he can jump up, he can also do jumping jacks at his age and he can play and interact completely with my 3 children. 

I want to be able to do that when I'm 87 years of age, to be able to interact with my grandchildren as he does and to be fit and healthy like he is. I didn't start doing long-distance running until my early 30's. I also do exercise with my 3 children. My eldest girl is nearly 11, my son is 8 and my youngest girl is 3. 

I believe it is so important for young kids to exercise for both their physical and mental health. I also do mindfulness with my kids. That is hard to do!!!

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